Should you Relocate Your Business to Florida

“Relocate Your Business To Florida”

Everyone knows that Florida is a great place to live, with its warm climate, beautiful beaches, and sunny skies. And what many savvy entrepreneurs know, it’s also a great place to own a business. Why? In a word, taxes, or better said, the lack thereof! Florida has no personal income tax, which means business owners can keep six to thirteen percent more of what they earn, especially compared to such high tax states as New York or California.


And that’s not all. If structured properly, your business itself could pay absolutely no state income tax either. Keeping your profits free from state income taxes means you have that much more capital available to hire more employees, buy more equipment, and grow your business. And that is good for everyone.


We can help you navigate the transition of your business from your current state to Florida, by guiding you through the maze of entity selection, tax structures, employment and sales taxes, business registrations and licensing, residency issues, and all of those details that can seem overwhelming.


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